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Enjoy our concerts at
the Petit Trianon
in San Jose
  Fernandes: Violin Concerto and Violin Sonata
- Concerto for violin and orchestra
Performed by violinist Carlos Damas at
   our 2013 Portuguese Concert
- Sonata for vioin and piano
  [Brilliant - ref. 94746 - 2014]

People can order a CD by making a $15 check payable to SCVPAA, and mailing it to
P.O. Box 32872,
San Jose, CA 95152.
Shipping is free!

Armando José Fernandes (Lisbon, 26 July 1906 - Lisbon, 3 May 1983) was a neoclassical Portuguese composer; one of the "group of four" who dominated mid-20th-century Portuguese music.
Carlos Damas (born 1973) is a Portuguese classical violinist particularly known for his world premiere recordings of works by the Portuguese composers.



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