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Enjoy our concerts at
the Petit Trianon
in San Jose
Contact Us!

Have some questions about the Mission Chamber Orchestra that weren't answered elsewhere at this site? Fortunately, there are several places you can turn to:

First, you can join our mailing list or request information by sending us e-mail at info@missionchamber.org.

Or, write us at:
Mission Chamber Orchestra
Santa Clara Valley Performing Arts Association
PO Box 32872
San Jose, CA 95152

Alternatively, you can reach us via telephone by leaving a message at the following number:
(408) 236-3350

Finally, if you would like to share any comments or suggestions about this web site, feel free to send them via e-mail to webmaster@missionchamber.org




The MCO is supported, in part, by the City of San José and funded in part by a grant from Arts Council Silicon Valley, in partnership
with the County of Santa Clara and the California Arts Council. The MCO is a member of the Silicon Valley Arts Coalition.